Dear Stuart,

My husband and I went to the Vancouver Boat Show and saw a demonstration of the Sea Wise Davit System and at that time thought it was a great idea. During that summer of boating I started seeing the Sea Wise Davit System on boats and talked to boat owners about the system. I heard of men falling off the swim grid while trying to put the engine on their dinghy and other men twisting their back while doing the same thing. Not having to take the engine on and off the dinghy every time we used the dinghy seemed safe and practical as well as not having to store the gas can on the deck.

That fall we purchased a new dinghy and a 15horse power engine which weighs approx. 100 lbs. Once I saw my husband lifting the engine out of the truck and putting it onto the dinghy I remembered the Sea Wise Marine davit system and suggested to my husband that we take another look at it.  We purchased the Sea Wise davit system and from a women’s point of view, I feel it was the best investment for my peace of mind and for the well being of my husband’s back and safety.