Dear Stuart
I am a Fleet Manager for Elliott Bay Yachting Center in Seattle, and I have managed a fleet of up to 100 luxury lease yachts from 28 feet to 60 feet of both power and sail vessels.  I have worked with almost every dinghy davit manufacturer in the United States, and have found that the Sea Wise system appears to be far superior to all other systems used in the fleet.

The Sea Wise systems are constructed with superior materials and generally a more heavy-duty design, and to my knowledge no dinghies have ever been lost due to heavy weather encounters. I have seen other systems fail and dinghies have been sheered away from stern steps in heavy weather situations. The ease of recovering and launching the dinghy is also a real plus compared to most other swim step type systems. The manual and electric launch systems are both easy to use, and the safety-locking pin prevents any accidental launches. My experience with owners and contractors that install this system has been very positive. The word is spreading here in the Northwest, that your system appears to be the system of choice for boat owners who are looking for a davit system to install on the swim step of their yacht. I believe that this is the best system on the market for the designed installation.