Dear Stuart,
I have a hydraulic powder coated unit with a dinghy that is a Novurania 11’6” model 335 DL, feauring a hard bottom, center console etc. I power it with a Honda 25 HP four stroke taking the cumulative weight to the maximum specified.  I have been totally satisfied with the system and have enjoyed it immensely. I can easily get the boat off at any dock, buoy or anchor situation and have many frustrated friends unable or unwilling to go through the hassle and fear of a second story crane launch. In addition, my wife can drop the dinghy with the flick of a toggle switch without any concern for safety or physical strain. I have literally gone from starting to drop the dinghy to pulling away under power in 45 seconds. An important additional advantage is the freedom to access my swim step to enter my starboard aft cockpit entry.

From my perspective, a strong useable dinghy is critical to enjoying boating in the Northwest. The Sea Wise System is well engineered and satisfies my needs completely. You should see the number of looks I have received over the years just dropping the dinghy in a marina with one finger on the toggle. These systems aren’t cheap. But they shouldn’t be. It is a purchase I would recommend to any boater who has the right situation.

Best regards