Dear Stuart
I am a Fleet Manager for Elliott Bay Yachting Center in Seattle, and I have managed a fleet of up to 100 luxury lease yachts from 28 feet to 60 feet of both power and sail vessels.  I have worked with almost every dinghy davit manufacturer in the United States, and have found that the Sea Wise system appears to be far superior to all other systems used in the fleet.

The Sea Wise systems are constructed with superior materials and generally a more heavy-duty design, and to my knowledge no dinghies have ever been lost due to heavy weather encounters. I have seen other systems fail and dinghies have been sheered away from stern steps in heavy weather situations. The ease of recovering and launching the dinghy is also a real plus compared to most other swim step type systems. The manual and electric launch systems are both easy to use, and the safety-locking pin prevents any accidental launches. My experience with owners and contractors that install this system has been very positive. The word is spreading here in the Northwest, that your system appears to be the system of choice for boat owners who are looking for a davit system to install on the swim step of their yacht. I believe that this is the best system on the market for the designed installation.


Doane Brodie

Dear Stuart,
I have a hydraulic powder coated unit with a dinghy that is a Novurania 11’6” model 335 DL, feauring a hard bottom, center console etc. I power it with a Honda 25 HP four stroke taking the cumulative weight to the maximum specified.  I have been totally satisfied with the system and have enjoyed it immensely. I can easily get the boat off at any dock, buoy or anchor situation and have many frustrated friends unable or unwilling to go through the hassle and fear of a second story crane launch. In addition, my wife can drop the dinghy with the flick of a toggle switch without any concern for safety or physical strain. I have literally gone from starting to drop the dinghy to pulling away under power in 45 seconds. An important additional advantage is the freedom to access my swim step to enter my starboard aft cockpit entry.

From my perspective, a strong useable dinghy is critical to enjoying boating in the Northwest. The Sea Wise System is well engineered and satisfies my needs completely. You should see the number of looks I have received over the years just dropping the dinghy in a marina with one finger on the toggle. These systems aren’t cheap. But they shouldn’t be. It is a purchase I would recommend to any boater who has the right situation.

Best regards

Marty Nelson

Dear Stuart,

My husband and I went to the Vancouver Boat Show and saw a demonstration of the Sea Wise Davit System and at that time thought it was a great idea. During that summer of boating I started seeing the Sea Wise Davit System on boats and talked to boat owners about the system. I heard of men falling off the swim grid while trying to put the engine on their dinghy and other men twisting their back while doing the same thing. Not having to take the engine on and off the dinghy every time we used the dinghy seemed safe and practical as well as not having to store the gas can on the deck.

That fall we purchased a new dinghy and a 15horse power engine which weighs approx. 100 lbs. Once I saw my husband lifting the engine out of the truck and putting it onto the dinghy I remembered the Sea Wise Marine davit system and suggested to my husband that we take another look at it.  We purchased the Sea Wise davit system and from a women’s point of view, I feel it was the best investment for my peace of mind and for the well being of my husband’s back and safety.


Carol Nielsen

Dear Stuart;
This is a short note to thank you for making us such satisfied customers. After extensively researching the market for the appropriate davit system to lift our 450 lb. inflatable, I believe we made the right choice. Your davit system is extremely easy to use, convenient, and most importantly, it provides the safety features which I feel are critical in an emergency situation. We find it just as convenient storing our inflatable back on the transom after each use as we do tying it to the dock.

Regarding safety, you addressed each concern I had in an emergency situation – the first being the loss of electric power which could make the system inoperable; and the other a fail-safe quick-release of the davit from the inflatable, in the event that the main vessel is sinking.

The friendly and prompt service which you and your crew at Sea Wise Marine provided will not be forgotten. Thank you very much.


Myron J. Donner

You and everyone connected with your company deserves the highest of compliments for the professional and THOROUGH manner in which you handled the sale and installation of our system. Being a “one-off” we anticipated some problems but never expected the attention to duty and integrity in business displayed by you folks.

Now, to the system itself. It works like a charm:

  1. It’s as close to theft proof as anything I can imagine.
  2. It IS considerably more sturdy than ANY other system.
  3. The ease of adjusting height of inflatable from the water becomes a strong point in marketing this system for boats entering a following sea or who may at times be bothered by large wakes from other vessels.

The Sea Wise System holds the inflatable (and ours is a big one) absolutely steady, and it is so very easy to operate.


Skip Rowland

Stuart, I would like to introduce myself as a very satisfied customer of your stern-mounted dinghy davits.  I’d like to commend you on producing a product that does everything you said it would do. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed its ability to allow me to effortlessly launch and re-launch my dinghy and motor simultaneously without barely lifting a finger. I highly recommend this product.

Very truly yours,

Marv Simon

Stuart, I wanted to write to you and tell you how much my wife and I appreciate your Sea Wise hydraulic equipment for raising and lowering our dinghy with its motor attached.  Recently we traveled for three months along the Inside Passage from Seattle to Juneau. We anchored eighty percent of the time and lowered and raised our dinghy as many as three times a day. Your system worked flawlessly and the ease of using it added to the enjoyment of our trip.

We have enjoyed this system and find that we use our dinghy a great deal since your equipment makes it so handy.

Yours very truly,

Edward Hedges

In my opinion, the Sea Wise davit system is the best currently available.  I was very pleased with the service I received from Sea Wise when I installed my system and have been absolutely delighted with the performance of the product. I have used it several times and find it such an easy system to work with. In fact, it is so convenient that I raise the dinghy every evening and even during the day if the bay that we are anchored in becomes rough.

I wish you every success and want to thank you for your service.

Yours truly,

Mel C. Marshall

Stuart, I purchased the Sea Wise system and have not had one moment of trouble with it. I researched the market at great length before I purchased your product and I have found the engineering on the Sea Wise to be far superior to any of the others. I have used it extensively over the past thirteen years and it has performed extremely well. I would not hesitate to recommend this davit to any one.


Charles R. LearnedCustomer

We purchased a new Camano and ordered a Sea Wise Marine davit system.  We are amazed at how wonderful this product is and how much we appreciate the pride and craftsmanship put into this product. It is quite simply superb in every respect, and we positively enjoy using it at every opportunity; quite a difference from other systems that require high lifting and separate handling of the outboard.

Thanks again for having designed and built such a great system. We wish you great success.

John & Lorraine LittlewoodLoyal Customer