Innovation & Revolutionary

The Sea Wise Davit System revolutionizes how we launch transom-mounted dinghies and inflatable boats for simply the best marine experience.

Compact & Stylish

Crafted from striking marine-grade stainless steel, Sea Wise Davit System compliments the most luxurious yacht without compromising the swim platform area.

Safe & Easy-to-Use

The Sea Wise Davit System takes care of all the heavy lifting – up to 650 pounds can be launched and loaded with the flick of a switch.

Reliable & Secure

Designed to withstand severe conditions and constructed to last a lifetime, the Sea Wise Davit System is an investment that protects your stern-mounted boat from theft as well as rough seas.

Make the most of your nautical adventures by investing in a practical, no-compromise dinghy lift system.
SeaWise, Simply the Best.

SeaWise Davit Systems

Inspired by the Spirit of Adventure

At SeaWise Marine, we’re passionate boaters who understand the importance of being self-sufficient, safe, and confident when embarking on a nautical adventure. We’re fortunate enough to have some of the most spectacular boating on our doorstep, and we also know that marine travel can be quite an undertaking, so as a boat owner, you want one less thing to worry about when heading out on the water. This is why we engineered our Sea Wise Davit System – our electric davit system allows you to raise and lower your inflatable boat or dinghy by a flick of a switch, while the manual davit system employs a 25:1 worm drive. Sea Wise Electrical Davit is the safest and easiest way for yacht owners to raise and lower their dinghies.

The Inspiration

We were inspired after hearing other boaters complain about their struggles with their dinghy’s outboard motor, and the problems that occur from manually lifting the dinghy – back strains and slips and falls while trying to get the dinghy launched. Other boaters told us that they were reluctant to use their dinghy at all as they weren’t comfortable lifting the outboard – using the dinghy became a pain. So we decided to develop a system that would solve these problems for the boater. We launched our first system in 1987 – and it still performs flawlessly.

Easy-To-Use Boat Lift

Adventure Follows Function

At SeaWise Marine, we design our davit systems with safety in mind, providing our customers with an innovative boat lift that makes it safe and easy to launch dinghies and inflatable boats – by a flick of a switch. Our davit system keeps the outboard motor vertical and ready to use while it lifts and tilts the dinghy or inflatable boat for secure and compact storage without eating up valuable swim-deck real estate – maximizing your yacht’s potential.

Not only will our davit systems provide a reliable and secure way to transform your boating experience, but we craft them from the finest marine-grade stainless steel, constructed to last a lifetime. Each davit system is customized to fit each vessel perfectly; compact and stylish, complementing the most luxurious yacht.

The results are stunning, and our customers tell us how much their SeaWise Davit Systems expand their boating adventures and give them peace of mind while on the water. Now their dinghy becomes part of their boating adventures, rather than just something hanging off the back of their yacht. Sea Wise Marine is proud to empower boat owners to get the most out of their boating adventures. The SeaWise Davit System is the best inflatable boat and dinghy davit system in the industry.

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SeaWise Boat Davit Products

With the SeaWise Electric Davit System, you simply flip a switch to launch your dinghy. It is custom-built for a perfect fit and comes with a comprehensive installation manual. Like all of our products is backed by a 5-year limited warranty and toll-free technical support.

  • Smooth and controlled rotation of dinghy from horizontal (launch) to vertical (storage) position
  • Outboard orientation automatically maintained
  • Up to 650 lbs. lifting capacity
  • System weight is 115 lbs
  • 316L Stainless Steel, electro polished materials
  • Single person operation at the flip of a switch
  • Emergency release

The SeaWise manual davit system is a complete, ready-to-install unit that weighs just 65 pounds. It comes with a comprehensive installation manual and like all our products is backed by a 5-year limited warranty and toll-free technical support. Thanks to its geared hand-cranked mechanism, one person can easily launch or load the dinghy.

  • Smooth and controlled rotation of dinghy from horizontal (launch) to vertical (storage) position.
  • Outboard orientation automatically maintained.
  • Generous 450 lbs. capacity.
  • Davit weight of only 65 lbs.
  • Type-316L stainless steel with an attractive and durable electro-polished finish.
  • Stainless steel aircraft cable.
  • Durable bronze gears, stainless steel drive shaft and bronze casing.
  • 25:1 gear reduction.

Bayliner 3888

The SeaWise davit system connection brackets secure your dinghy to the swim platform of your vessel. Custom designed for each application, and built from the finest 316-grade stainless steel, these dinghy accessories withstand the harshest environments.

The SeaWise bow stiffening dinghy accessory dramatically increases inflatable rigidity and improves overall davit system performance and dinghy security.

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