Sea Wise Davit System

Simply the Best Davit System


The Sea Wise Electrical Davit is the safest and easiest way for yacht owners to raise and lower their dinghies – it’s done with a flick of a switch. Our system keeps the outboard motor vertical and ready to use, and it lifts and tilts the dinghy or inflatable boat for secure and compact storage without eating up valuable swim-deck real estate – maximizing your yacht’s potential.


Not only will our davit systems provide a reliable and secure way to transform your boating experience, but we craft them from the finest marine-grade stainless steel, constructed to last a lifetime. Each davit system is customized to fit each vessel perfectly; compact and stylish, complementing the most luxurious yacht.


The first Seawise Davit System was developed in 1987 – and it still performs flawlessly today. Our system is built with the finest 316-grade stainless steel available and is built to last, and they do! The Sea Wise Davit System is simply the best inflatable boat and dinghy davit system.

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