Nic Stark – Annapolis Inflatables

When I first saw the Sea Wise system at the Annapolis Boat Show in 2003, I thought that the system was too costly and would not do well in the Annapolis area. I was wrong! Sea Wise sold one manual system at that show, and we were asked to do the installation on the inflatable. Once the installation was complete, we saw how nicely it worked. Although the Sea Wise system was more expensive compared to other davit systems we had installed, it started selling in the Annapolis area and since 2003, we have installed over 120 Sea Wise systems and have often heard the comment “I wish we had purchased it when we first saw it”.

There are four (4) primary reasons that Sea Wise system sells: (1) it is easy to use; (2) there is no limitation on the weight of the inflatable package it is required to lift; (3) it is easily secured for travelling; and (4) most importantly, there is no excuse for not using the dingy. Therefore, the dingy gets much more use than it would with any other system.

Nic Stark
Annapolis Inflatables/InflatableXperts